Commission A Photoshoot

My heart flutters knowing that you should think of me this way. 
Share your dreams and I will become your canvas!  

The Delicate Beauty of Boudoir & Erotica

Suggestive beauty is seductive. It invites the imagination to play.  For me,  eroticism is lost in pornographic images that leave nothing to the imagination. Photos of me will never be pornographic in nature. To get a sense of what you can expect from a photoshoot please visit my boudoir gallery.  As a being of pure fantasy, they will not include my face. The sense of mystery must be kept alive or the spell will be broken.  You can find my more sensual photos on my other website –

How Much Does A Photoshoot Cost?

That depends on what wonders your mind has cooked up!  The minimum cost of a photoshoot is  $800 and can be as high as $4,000.  You’ll have 10 – 20 photos and if you like I can send you an art quality print.  We’ll have to chat a bit before I am able to tell you the exact cost of the photoshoot you have in mind.

Here is a general idea of the costs involved.  A simple photoshoot would not involve all these costs, but elaborate ones often do:
$300 – $500: Photographer
$500: My piggy bank
$200: Hair
$200 – $1,500: Lingerie/Wardrobe and Props
$100 – $800: Location
$500: Stylist (when required)

For Your Eyes Only

All photos are shared on my websites and social media feeds and prints might be sold.

Would you prefer to have the images all to yourself, never letting another set eyes on them? How sweet! I’m happy to accommodate, but since this limits my ability for  “long-tail” income from the photos, I have an additional fee of $500.