Artistic Collaborations Welcome

I love receiving a thoughtful missive.  I try to answer my emails, but please understand that communications with patrons must take priority as they make this life possible. I must also find time to read, to write, and to dream.


If you’d like a guaranteed response, consider becoming a patron. I am happy to devote time to long and thoughtful communications via email with patrons but also offer the option of handwritten letters.


Please try not to have any preconceived notions as to the tone of my letters and what I will say in response to you. I promise my response will be sincere and natural because I am not just a two-dimensional character, I am very much alive.

Before contacting me please read:

Handwritten Letters

In these times, where we are lost in a fog of communications, where we talk to each other in short quips, often spasmed out like sneezes, you might be wondering why anyone would want to bother with handwritten letters.

I believe that there is an art to letter writing. To having a heartfelt and sincere dialogue with someone. A dialogue where language and content matter. Where the very sensual act of writing is part of the pleasure.

This is an almost forgotten magic, and I take pleasure in the entire ritual. Carefully writing with my feathered quill dipped into an ink pot. Lovingly choosing my Italian stationery. I do in fact seal each letter with wax. A message like this can feel like a caress that reaches deeper than the flesh.

These handwritten letters are both expensive and time-consuming and require me to tap into my emotions and mind to create a thoughtful letter. Handwritten letters are available to those who believe in me and have chosen to become patrons.