I understand that my exploration of eroticism through the written word and photography is outside the mainstream of how most seek to sustain the everyday needs of life.

I’ve never been much good at living the “corporate life” – tried it; just wasn’t for me. In fact, it was sheer agony.

The beauty of the written word is the life-force that drums my heart and drives the blood through my veins. It’s the air that fills my lungs. My choices became clear – starve my soul or starve my body.

I have chosen to throw myself at the mercy of the arts.  I understand that my life as Alyssa Forelsket is only possible because of the Tinkerbell effect. It is only because my patrons want someone like me to exist that I am blessed with the opportunity to pursue my art.

Put another way, it is the kindness of strangers like you that keeps my body alive while I dedicate myself to the art that feeds my soul. For those patrons who have chosen to support me, I hope my art feeds their soul as well.  There is no greater pleasure for an artist than to find people who are truly touched by their work.  

In this world of unrelenting reality, I believe that there is a need for a creature of fantasy and lust to exist. However, the Muses are not easy to serve.  Did you know Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” took 10 years to complete?

True eroticism requires devotion to reading and study. These stories and images we both crave do not spring from the ether – they are born only from contemplation and great effort. A well-crafted art demands the pain, blood, and sweat of the creator as an offering at the alters of the Muses.

There are many ways you can become a patron and make it possible for Alyssa Forelsket to continue to exist.  Whichever choice works best for you, there are no words that can express the depth of my gratitude. 

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and and bleed.

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